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To the members of the Republican Party of Waukesha County:

My name is Kyle Schroeder and I will be serving as the Field Organizer
for Trump Victory in Waukesha County. Trump Victory is going to be the
biggest grassroots movement for a Presidential election in history. My
role for the county is to recruit, train, and organize volunteers across
the country to register people to vote, participate in our county wide
canvass, have a presence in our community, and turn people out to vote
for our President in November, Justice Kelly in April, and all of the other
great conservative legislatures across the county. I was born and raised
right here in Waukesha County, in Oconomowoc. I currently attend
Carroll University and serve as the Vice Chair of the College
Republicans. I was a member of the Carroll University football team for
four years as well. My experience in politics include volunteering at the
county party office in 2016, I interned with Leah Vukmir’s Senate
Campaign in 2018, and I also interned with Brian Hagedorn’s Supreme
Court election at the beginning of this year. In all of these roles I
participated heavily in grassroots efforts. I look forward to working for
and with all of you moving forward in order to deliver more votes for our
President in the county, deliver the State of Wisconsin to the President,
and ultimately re-elect President Donald J Trump for four more years.
God bless!
Kyle Schroeder