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Volunteer to Protect Our Elections


Citizen poll workers conduct Wisconsin’s elections.

Your Waukesha County Republican Party is recruiting members NOW to be nominated as Poll Workers during the 2020- 2021 elections. The Democratic Party is, also, recruiting their members to work the polls.

Help us to be able to nominate more Republicans. Volunteer now!

Partisan-nominated Poll Workers are hired and paid by their municipality to conduct elections at the polls.

Poll Workers are required to attend a training session conducted by the municipal clerk. On Election Day, Poll Workers register voters, check photo IDs, make sure that voters sign the poll book, hand out ballots, count and process absentee ballots and after the polls close, process, tabulate and secure the voted ballots for delivery to the clerk.

Working the polls is a full day of work starting at 6:30 a.m. getting polls set up for the voters; staffing the polling place from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. while voters cast their ballots; and after the polls close at 8:00 p.m. until all closing duties are completed and the ballots are delivered to the clerk. Some clerks schedule shifts for workers as this is a long day.

The following are the dates for the regular elections in 2020-2021 (all are Tuesdays)

In 2020: February 18, Spring Primary and 3rd Tuesday in February 2021

April 7, 2020– Spring elections and 1st Tuesday in April 2021

August 11, 2020—Partisan Primary

November 3, 2020 –Presidential Election

There may, also, be Special Elections in some municipalities

In the above elections, Waukesha County voters will be casting ballots to elect a President, United States Senator and Congressional Representatives; to elect a Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice; elect a head of the Department of Public Instruction; elect State Assembly Representatives, State Senators plus local elected officials such as school board members and city and county government officials. Republicans need to be Poll Workers to ensure that there is a balance of Republicans and Democrats at the polls, working together, to conduct the elections and protect the process.


Being a Poll Worker is our civic duty. 

If you would be willing to be nominated to serve as a Republican Poll Worker in your municipality during the 2020-2021 election cycle, please send the following information to HQ@WAUKESHAGOP.ORG:


Home Address:


Phone Number:

Email address:

This information will be sent to the head of your municipal government this November. You will be notified by your municipal clerk in either late December or early January of your appointment and of the date and time for the required training program.

Thank you for helping the Republican Party of Waukesha County to fulfill this civic responsibility.

For more details contact