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Tired of the Ads the left is running against Governor Walker? 
Get the real facts here!


No slick flyers. No attack ads. Here are the facts in black and white.
Facts on PreExisting Conditions and Healthcare
In Wisconsin, everyone with a preexisting medical condition is covered. And as long as
Scott Walker is Governor, they will always be covered in Wisconsin. Scott’s wife is a
Type 1 diabetic, his mother is a survivor of breast cancer and his brother has a heart
condition. Like many families across Wisconsin, covering people with pre-existing
conditions is personal to Scott.
We can protect people with preexisting conditions without protecting the failure that is
Obamacare. Premiums under the Obamacare exchanges went up 44% in Wisconsin in
2018. When the politicians in Washington failed to fix it, Scott Walker led. He was able
to get Democrat and Republican lawmakers to approve his Healthcare Stability Plan,
and now the latest report shows premiums will go down in January by 4.2% from this
year and down by 10% from where they were headed without the plan (a savings of
nearly $1,000 on premiums). Just as Scott Walker promised, his Healthcare Stability
Plan lowers premiums and increases choices. That’s leadership.
In contrast, Tony Evers wants to do what Minnesota did years ago and expand
Obamacare to higher income levels. When Minnesota did that, premiums went up.
Scott Walker’s plan is simple: lower premiums and increasing choices, extend
SeniorCare so seniors don’t have to worry about help for prescription drugs, and ensure
coverage for everyone with pre-existing medical conditions.
Support for Education
Scott Walker wants every child to have access to a great education – whether it’s in a
public school, charter school, private school, virtual school or even a home-school
environment. Scott Walker trusts parents to make the right decisions for their children.
When it comes to public education, we:
– Invested more actual dollars into schools than ever before in our history – an
extra $200 every year for every student across the state;
– Expanded support for technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System;
– Froze UW System tuition 6 years in a row;
– Doubled Fab Labs (fabrication laboratories) and nearly tripled the number of
   youth apprenticeships; and
– Signed into law reforms that have saved school districts more than $3 billion,
   allowing schools to pay staff based on merit and performance.
Scott Walker’s budget for education was so good, Tony Evers called it a “pro-kid
budget.” Then Scott went out and visited 50 different schools across the state to make
the case for a historic investment in K-12 education. While Tony Evers was absent in
the debate, Scott Walker provided the leadership to get the “prokid budget” passed and
signed into law.
Looking ahead, we will:
– Continue the UW System freeze for the next 4 years;
Provide $5,000 to Wisconsin graduates who work in Wisconsin after graduation;
– Expand Youth Apprenticeships to 7th and 8th grades; and
– Restore two-thirds funding for schools created by Governor Tommy Thompson
and eliminated under Governor Jim Doyle.
Great schools are part of Scott Walker’s plan to keep Wisconsin working for generations
to come!
Protecting Wisconsins HardWorking Taxpayers
Property taxes went up 27% in the decade before Scott Walker took office. Thankfully,
property taxes in 2018 are lower than they were in 2010. Scott Walker wants to
continue to provide property tax relief – particularly for people on fixed incomes.
Tony Evers has advocated for higher property taxes for years, and he wants to raise
income taxes on manufacturers and farmers – costing us jobs. And he’d raise the gas
tax by as much as a $1 a gallon, increasing costs on a two-driver family by up to $1,200
a year!
Investing in Wisconsins Roads
Since he became Governor, Scott Walker invested $24 billion into Wisconsin’s
transportation system and ensured transportation fund raids are a thing of the past.
Scott Walker’s last budget even included the largest increase in local road aids in 20
Looking ahead, Scott Walker has announced that state support for local roads and
bridges will grow to the highest levels in the history of the program. Unlike Tony Evers,
Scott Walker will never raise the gas tax without a corresponding decrease in your
overall tax burden.
Share the facts with your family, friends, and neighbors.  We need everyone to be aware of Governor Walker’s Accomplishments and keep Wisconsin Red in November!  Fact Check – Just the Facts shareable pdf here